Life at Vinculum – The Vinning Ambience

At Vinculum you just don’t enjoy what you do but also live a happy life. We want your journey with us to be filled with memorable experiences and moments to cherish. We offer exciting career growth, international opportunities, challenging projects, adequate training and excellent work-life balance. We follow the 90-10 principle. We only attempt to hire the top 10% people in terms of attitude and competence to work with us. Once in, our endeavor is to delight the employees in every aspect of their stay at Vinculum.

We ensure and encourage:

1. Collaborative work environment.
2. Employee Empowerment.
3. Wirearchyand bottom-up approach to growth and learning.
4. Career Management and Focus.
5. Continuous Self Evolution.
6. Every employee is challenged to become a partner. Ideas are evaluated and screened for potential. Ideas having great vision and prospect are funded by Vinculum to create new products and entitle the employee to become a part owner for that product/service line.